September 2015

September 2015
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tyler's first visit to Great Grandma and Grandpa Fisher

We stopped by Lowry to visit Ben's Grandparents on Sunday morning before we drove home. We called them about an hour before our visit and they were very accepting to our last minute visit request! It was so fun to introduce Tyler to Great Grandma and Grandpa Fisher and they both enjoyed the visit.  Tyler sat in Great Grandpa's arms for at least half of the visit and Chelsea enjoyed all the yummy goodies! 
I've always loved my family, but ever since I've had kids I've really cherished family.  If I could have HUGE family gatherings with lots of love and laughter I would be in heaven.  I dream of my kids spending lots and lots and lots of time with family.  Both Ben and I, unfortunately, don't have much family in the twin cities area.  Sometimes I close my eyes and dream of what it would be like to have those closest to us living close enough for frequent visits and really being involved in each others lives.  When we do get to spend quality time with family I am in heaven.  Family is the most important 'thing' to me, above all else.  OK.... so now I'm going off on a random tangent! 
With that said, it's VERY special that Chelsea and Tyler have the opportunity to get to know their very loving and kind hearted Great Grandma and Grandpa Fisher! 
Great Grandpa and Tyler!

Chelsea wanted to hang out too!

Tyler thought Grandpa was cozy!  He was in heaven!

Num Nums!

Great Grandma!

checking out the backyard!

The veggie garden!

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