September 2015

September 2015
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa Fisher's house in Sunny CA!

Barry and Jane live in Folsom, California. Folsom is located about 45 minutes from Sacramento and is in Northern California.  I really enjoy the location weather wise.  It was in the lower 80's and sunny almost every day we were there.  Perfect outdoor weather for our kiddos.  We went on lots of walks, hung out on the deck and by the pool, went to the zoo, splash pad, etc.  It was so nice to be somewhere that being outside is easy and possible pretty much all the time.
We arrived late on Saturday evening so basically put the kids to bed, unpacked our stuff and had a couple beers on the deck to wind down.  Sunday we spent the day at their house getting the kids adjusted to the new time zone and environment.  Chelsea adjusted well but Tyler struggled a bit.  He refused to nap in the pack and play the entire first day so I had to take him on lots of walks through out the day.  By Monday the kids were well adjusted and everything went smoothly.

Hanging out by the pool!

Fun with water guns!

A video of Chelsea discovering water guns!

Just Chillin'

Their hot tub can be warmed up quicker and easier than the pool.  They heated the pool, but it was easiest to bring Tyler in the hot tub.  Don't worry, we didn't heat it up all the way!

Tyler loves attention and being held.  He was in heaven getting passed around between 4 sets of hands!

Our VERY happy boy!

It's impossible to resist kissing that face!

Grandma Jane was grocery shopping and stumbled upon a toddler princess chair and just had to buy it for Chelsea.  Chelsea LOVES IT!  She drug it around everywhere with her.  She loved it so much that I even found room to pack it in a suitcase and bring it home with us.

My loves!

Oranges are Nummy!  She's starting to look the part of a California girl!

Tyler squeezed into the cow chair that Barry and jane purchased for Chelsea when she visited (at 3 months old) for the first time!

Chelsea drug her chair all the way up to the deck from the pool

The princess has arrived!  She discovered some of Grandma Jane's costume jewelry.  This jewelry also made the trip home with us!

Lazy girl

Hanging out inside

These taste good!

Little miss personality!

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