September 2015

September 2015
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

tyler's first official play date

I've taken Tyler several places with me but most play dates have been focused on Chelsea getting together with her friends.  Ben was at the cabin with a bunch of his friends last weekend and I invited my friend Lauren over with her daughter to hang out for a bit.  Lydia is almost two months older than Tyler.  We put them next to each other and Tyler was so giddy!  He loved 'playing with' another baby!  Chelsea was hanging out as well, but she mostly did her own thing.  I need to have more Tyler play dates since he really seems to be a very social little bugger. 
I took LOTS of pictures!  They were so cute together!

Chelsea getting in on the action

A couple pictures from a different day.  Chelsea and Tyler hang out now.  It's so cute to see Tyler light up in smiles every time Chelsea comes near him and they giggle together uncontrollably.  My heart just melts...

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